carFounded in 1980, by Ken, Bobbie and Mike Newman, NISI was the result of the Newmans’ departure from a well-known distributor—who over a long period of time—lost their focus relating to customer service. Encouraged by a vast number of local manufacturers and businesses that relied on their services and products, the Newmans created NISI — born on honesty, product knowledge and the personalized service they believed in.

It didn’t take long for NISI to grow, opening their first branch in Madison, Alabama in 1984. NISI was becoming a staple distributor and value-added service provider for the automotive, aerospace, OEM, hardware and military spec industries. Continued and steady growth added a new warehouse in Tallassee, Alabama in 2001, and the purchase of a new office and warehouse in Montgomery, Alabama in 2011.

foamToday, we maintain an inventory of more than 45,000 items our loyal customer base depends upon for an efficient and worryfree operation. Products include: abrasives, cutting tools and accessories, lubricants, tools and tooling accessories as well as safety products. We thank you in advance for taking the time to learn a little more about NISI and why we’re eager to serve your operation.

In serving a vast and diverse customer base, NISI takes great pride in the education and continued training our workforce acquires in order to know each facet of our operation, the products we distribute, their capabilities and limitations as well as your operational challenges.

We promote within, and in doing so, NISI boasts an average employee tenure of 19 years. Our people take the time to listen and fully understand our customers’ needs. Because we are independent, we’re able to serve as a “chameleon” extension of your business. We are flexible and can quickly adapt to your working environment and demands—maximizing our total value.

metalValue is what we bring to your operation. We are tenacious in our efforts to reducing operational costs through effective Vendor Managed Inventory, Consigned Inventory and warehousing programs that best suit your specific needs. Our customer service and commitment to be the best has won numerous industry awards and also gained the trust of a number of the industry’s most reliable names. NISI is the sole distributor in Alabama for Castrol Industrial and Perkins Oil — stocking only the highest quality cutting tools and lubricants in the market.

Because we work within industries that demand a higher standard—NISI is determined in our efforts to exceed all expectations—raising the proverbial bar within everything we do. We have set expectations at each and every facet of our business at a higher level and are committed, company-wide to achieving excellence in a manner that is not inherent in other supply chains. We are not simply a catalog order company. NISI partners with the most reliable manufacturers in North America in order to make sure our customers’ specific needs are addressed through proper supplies that provide the highest efficiencies—maximizing profits. We are very active in working with our suppliers in improving product quality and continuous innovation.

In the end, it is the successful relationships we form with our customers that make everything else flourish. We take the time to truly understand their operations and formulate plans that deliver concrete results. Our slogan is: “Our Customers’ Success is Our Success.” We take great pride in blending in well with our customer—just like a chameleon. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how we can help your business.